Conduct a competition analysis to compare the proposed program with other existing programs. This Includes collection of information about existing similar M.Sc. programs in Jordan including their program objectives, outcomes, teaching material, teaching methodologies, ability for credit transfer, target audience and employability of graduates. This analysis will serve as input to the design of the program curriculum and program structure.

Perform a demand and statistical analysis of the proposed program by forming joint committees with local industries to determine the requirements of the labor market with regard to curriculum development and quality of graduates.

A workshop will be held with participation from major telecommunication companies in Jordan in order to collect data on the needs of these companies with regard to telecommunications engineers and professionals. The result of this analysis will serve as an input to the curriculum development process. YU, HU and GJU will be responsible of organizing the workshops and collection of the data and the EU partners will provide consultation on the methodology of analyzing the market demand.