The proposed program through its activities will create an environment that allows the interaction between industry and academia which will enable the dissemination of information about the program and its activities at the domestic level. In addition, we will utilize our existing close ties to local industries to help promote the program features and activities. 

Dissemination of project results will be achieved in the following ways:

  • A campaign of the program benefits will be communicated to the target audience. Successful activities and achievements will be published in leaflets and brochures, and distributed to contacts in industrial, commercial and educational institutions. Online resources and social networking forums such as YouTube, Facebook, etc . will be used to disseminate the message of the project and bring its outcomes to as wide an audience as possible.
  • An informative web site containing all relevant information about the project and periodical organization of promotional and informative sessions regarding the project and its current status. The website will be developed to promote the new program as well as to provide the target groups with useful information about the uniqueness of the program and its features. The website will be linked to the Yarmouk University home page and to all the participating institutions’ homepages.
  • Workshops will be held in cooperation with the local industry representatives and experts on higher education to promote the new programs and to get feedback about how to improve the program outcomes.
  • Generate positive publicity for the activities and outcomes of the project in the local press and visual media to promote the general objectives and benefits of the Tempus programme and the aims of the EU in promoting this type of cooperation.
  • At least one scholarly article on the activities and outcomes of the project will be published in an international educational forum.

1. Seminars

A number of seminars will be held at a number of higher education institutions, and government departments and local companies in Jordan which have potential candidates for joining the new program in order to promote the proposed study programs and communicate its features and benefits which will contribute to attracting students to the program.

Held Seminars

  1. PC Meeting_TRC: Seminar about the project activities to the TRC commissioners board,TRC-Amman 27/2/2011
  2. PC Meeting_GJU1: Seminar about the project activities for the local Telecom. Industry at GJU 2/12/2010
  3. PC Meeting_YU1: Seminar about the project activities for the local partner institutions 20/10/2010
  4. PC Meeting_HU1: Seminar at HU about project proposal 25/10/2010
  5. Seminar_YU2: Seminar at YU about writing a successful Tempus project proposal 4/11/2010

2.  Posters


3. Brochures


4. Minutes of Meeting

Meeting with TRC commissioners board,TRC-Amman 27/2/2011: MOM_WP8_22_1

5. Media Reports