Running Activities

The following activities will be conducted in the near future

1. Project Website

An informative web site will be developed to post the project objective and activities, published reports and the details of the proposed program curriculum, in order to increase awareness of a wider (including regional and international) audience about the program benefits. The web site will be developed, maintained and hosted at YU.

2. Electronic Data Base for Project Management

An electronic database will be established at YU in order to document the project management activities in order to organize the implementation of project activities and to measure the level of implementation of project activities with respect to budget and time. The data base will be accessible to all project partners and its contents will be input to the progress and budget reports.

3. Quality Control Plan of the Project

A report which contains the quality control plan of the project will be prepared and published at the early stages of the project lifetime. This report will be used throughout the implementation of the project activities in order to ensure the achievement of the project objectives. The quality plan will include a reporting and communication system which will be used by all staff members involved in the project in order to ensure the successful implementation of individual activities.

4. Review of the existing MSc program

Review of the existing master program with the EU consortium members and other eminent EU universities and provide critique and analysis of the problems associated with the existing programs and curricula. This includes the existing program guidelines, courses, course material, teaching methodologies and employability of graduates. The review process will result in a number of recommendations and guidelines on the set of improvements required in new curricula in the form of documents and reports.