An Industry Oriented MSc. Program in Telecommunications Engineering- Towards an EU Approach




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Project Summary

The main objective of this project is to modernize an existing Master of Science program in wireless communications at the Telecommunications Engineering Department at Yarmouk University, to introduce new tracks that meet the needs of local and regional telecommunications industries and provide international recognition for our programs in the area of wireless communications. The project will contribute to the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan to align the outcomes of higher education with the needs of the labour market. The project will consists of the reform of the existing educational process, reform of the existing program structure and the introduction of new study tracks, new teaching methodologies, new study models and a quality control mechanism for the new study programs. The design of the program will ensure flexibility of the transfer of credits and will promote the mobility of students and staff to EU countries in order to provide an intercultural dimension for our study programs. The new programs and tracks will be based on the teaching and learning methodology of the Bologna recommendations. Program specification and innovative curriculum design will start from decisions on overall goals, learning objectives and intended learning outcomes. Lists of competencies and abilities, knowledge and skills and subject benchmarking considerations will be described first and will serve as reference points in the curriculum development process. A quality control plan based on EU practice and the Bologna process will be adopted for the proposed study programs with regard to students and teachers. The project will contribute to enhancing the technical capacity of the Telecommunication Engineering Department, and hence the student learning outcomes, through a number of technical and teaching labs which will be part of the project outputs.

The main target audience of the proposed program is those engineers who have been educated within earlier undergraduate curricula and who must adapt and update their knowledge to take part in the growing telecommunications system market. In addition, some specific courses are directed towards technical management professionals whose work requires an insight into advanced technologies. However, the program will also accept fresh graduate engineers who wish to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in the subject matter in order to enhance their employability.

The proposed program will promote the EU educational system in the sense that program structure, curriculum development and quality assurance will be guided by the outcomes of the Bologna Process. In addition, the program modules will be compatible with the ECTS credit system in order to allow mobility of students/staff to EU countries. Therefore, the proposed program will allow social interaction and promote mutual understanding between cultures through the mobility of students and staff.

Project Coordinator

Dr. Khaled M. Gharaibeh

Associate Professor
Head of the Telecommunications Engineering Department
Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology
Yarmouk University
Irbid, Jordan
Tel. +962 2 721 1111 Ext. 4539
Fax: 962 2 721 1129
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